Starting a new business may be one of the most difficult things you ever do in your life, so the more help you can get the better. Our agents at Tomarchio Enterprises have been helping startups and small businesses find their perfect commercial spaces for years, and we wanted to share a few tips.

What Specific Needs Do You Have?

Before you can even begin looking for your next commercial space, you need to outline all of the specific news your business will have. How many restrooms will you need? How much storage space? Network capabilities? Discuss all of these questions, and others, with a professional commercial real estate agent.

What’s Your Budget?

This may be the most important thing you have to consider when looking for a new commercial space. You have to get all of your needs covered, but may not have enough in the budget to accommodate all of your wants. We recommend you develop a budget when you initially speak with an agent, and then stick to it.

What Kind of Floor Plan Are You Interested In?

Are you looking for a storefront? A warehouse? An office space? At Tomarchio Enterprises, we have commercial spaces of all kinds and of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to open up the area’s next hottest big restaurant, or are looking for a place to store and maintain industrial equipment, we’ve got the right spaces for you.

Get Help From a Trusted and Experienced Maryland Real Estate Agency

Maryland is filled with entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, and we’ve helped many of them find their dream locations. If you’re looking for some assistance finding your next location, get into contact with us today!