It’s often said that knowledge is power. Before opening a business, most people research ways to make their business successful. One thing that business owners should be sure to check out before leasing a commercial building is traffic count since it will impact the success of your business. Here’s why:

Additional Income Generation

Businesses can benefit from additional income from advertising and sponsorships. Having accurate, up-to-date traffic counts in a shopping center allows businesses to capitalize on strategic advertising. With this information, business owners can place advertisements in areas where they will be most impactful. Enticing customers in places where they’re bound to walk through means your business will enjoy an increase in customers.


Operational Costs

Did you know that traffic counts can help manage operational costs? By knowing the volumes of traffic at certain times of the day and days of the week, business owners can map out the most efficient labor schedules. They can also better schedule heating, air conditioning, lighting, and maintenance services. That way, business owners can keep operational costs to a minimum while providing the best services to their customers.


Power Cart Abandonment Rates

Understanding your business’s shopping cart abandonment rate can highlight some of the issues that are leading to it. Is the layout too complex? Can customers easily find what they’re looking for? Do customers have an easy way to check out? Traffic counts give you the answer to all these questions and more. With traffic counts, businesses are able to get ahead of their competition by using the information to make changes and create a seamless shopping experience for their customers.


Safe and Healthy Shopping Environment

These days, people need to feel safe before entering a space. If they don’t feel comfortable, they won’t enter the business. Traffic counts help ensure that your business is safe for everyone to shop. Businesses can use the information from traffic counts to limit the number of people in their store, enforce social distancing, and limit exposure. In turn, this will help the shopping center and the businesses inside the shopping center remain open and successful. 


Make an Informed Decision

Traffic counts help business owners make informed decisions. Luckily, when you work with Tomarchio Enterprises, you get a retail space with detailed traffic counts. You can use these traffic counts to better equip your business and ensure that it is successful. Give us a call today at (410) 861-8320 to learn more.