If you’re looking to open a business, then you already know that location is critical. Many business owners believe that they need to open a business in an overcrowded city to be successful. However, that is not the case. If you haven’t thought about opening a business in Seaford, Delaware, here are some reasons why you should.


Why open a small business in Seaford, DE

Loyal Customers

Seaford, DE has a population of around 7,700 people. Although it’s not the largest city, it certainly has the potential to develop a loyal customer base. One of the benefits of opening a business in a small city is that customers are likely to live in the city and will visit your establishment frequently. You can expect to know plenty of your customers by name. 

Easy for Suppliers to Access

Seaford is conveniently located off of US-13. This major north-south root leads to major cities across the east coast, including Dover, DE, Philadelphia, PA, and Baltimore, MD, and Washington D.C. Its convenient location means that it’s easy for suppliers to deliver goods to your business, and they don’t have to worry about traffic. It also means that they don’t have to worry about crime, and as a result, your business can thrive. 

Convenient Location

When you open a business in Seaford, DE, you’re choosing to base your business in a convenient location. It’s part of the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area, which means that you’ll have a diverse customer base. Commercial and residential real estate is less expensive than it would be in a major city. Lastly, you can expect to see lower tax rates than those of major cities.

There’s the Perfect Space Waiting for You

Conveniently located off of Route 13, there’s a commercial space that is ideal for your business. The Seaford Village Center is a massive community shopping center that is known for a lot of foot traffic. The shopping center is home to national tenants such as Food Lion, Petco, Roses, and Peebles. That means your business will benefit from the diverse crowd that these national tenants attract. 

Ready to Open up Shop?

When you’re ready to open your business in Seaford, DE, let Tomarchio Enterprises help. We have commercial properties for lease in DE ranging from 1,200 square feet to around 40,000 square feet. We also have pad sites available that can be built to suit. No matter your type of business, we have the perfect commercial space. 

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