Seaford Village is an up and coming shopping center in Delaware offering lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to lease there. Whether you’re a large company or you’re just getting started, setting yourself up in Seaford Village may be the move you’ve been waiting for.

The Advantages of Leasing in Seaford, DE

Strong Anchor Businesses Have Your Back

Part of what makes for a great shopping center is a strong anchor business. An anchor business is a store which attracts a large group of shoppers. These “anchors” tend to be of a broad appeal so they don’t monopolize one shopping category or another. A good anchor for your business will also be one which brings in a similar demographic to the one you cater to.

For example, if you’re a store selling athletic equipment, you may find success alongside a grocery store. The demographic of a grocery store would certainly include parents who may also be looking for athletic equipment for their kids who play sports.

Here at Seaford Village, we have Food Lion, Peebles, Dollar General, and a bank. Lots of shoppers will be visiting these stores on a regular basis, and that foot traffic could also be yours.

National Brands Will Be Your Neighbors

When shoppers look for services, they often search for big brand names. Here in Seaford, DE, you’ll be surrounded by national brands like Comcast, Hallmark, Petco, and the UPS Store. Being among those respected names, you’ll be able to benefit from their brand recognition and marketing spend. These stores bring in lots of foot traffic which translates to more customers for you.

Delaware Has Its Own Benefits

Delaware is one of the rare states that doesn’t charge customers sales tax on their products. This means when you move into Seaford Village, your customers can enjoy tax-free shopping. In fact, some customers will even come from other states to enjoy the privilege, and in Seaford, you can enjoy their business.

Call on Tomarchio for Leasing a Retail Space in Seaford, DE

If you’re looking for a space to lease your business, Tomarchio Enterprises can help. We have a variety of slots in our shopping center in Seaford, DE and would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

We’re very familiar with leasing for small businesses and national chains alike, so give us a call at (410) 861-8320 to discuss your options.