The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means shoppers are already out and about looking for the best retail deals they can find. Many people on the east coast within states that are a reasonable driving distance from Delaware flock to the area frequently this time of year in order to take advantage of the tax-free shopping the state has to offer.

Two young women with shopping bags walking on the street together

The Disadvantage of Sales Tax

It is around this time of year that people are making larger purchases than they have all year. During the months of November and December, shoppers are often found purchasing items with high price tags, whether it be for themselves or for others as gifts.

In most states, you’ll find yourself paying a specific percentage of your purchase on sales tax, in addition to the listed sale price. When you’re purchasing items that cost hundreds of dollars, you can easily wind up spending a pretty penny just on the sales tax alone.

Benefits of Business in a Tax-Free State

Shoppers in Delaware get to avoid having to pay this tax on goods purchased all year round within state limits, which is why leasing a space and setting up shop in Seaford, Delaware is a fantastic idea – and not just around the holidays. Being a short 5-10 minute driving distance from the Maryland state line, Seaford, DE sees plenty of Maryland shoppers looking for a better shopping deal that they don’t have to go far out of their way to find.

Whether you own a retail shop or any other kind of business, you’re guaranteed to see a bit more foot traffic simply because of the high number of out-of-state visitors that come to Delaware to take advantage of tax-free shopping. Art collectors and dealers specifically are drawn to the state because they are able to avoid substantial sales tax bills on paintings and other pieces of artwork.

Why Choose Us

Starting and growing your business relies heavily on finding the perfect space to establish your roots. If you want to be sure you get everything right the first time, you’ll need to hire a respected and experienced broker. The agents at Tomarchio Enterprises have all of the skills and experience necessary to help you hit the ground running with your new business in a tax-free state.

Location is key, and our professionals will be there to help you carefully select the perfect location for maximum traffic to your business. For more information on retail leasing in Seaford, DE, contact us today!