Advertising is an important way to drive traffic into your business, but there is another way you can find more customers, just by your location. Shopping center locations are a great option for businesses throughout Carroll County. Whether you are in the retail, medical, food service, or other industry, a great location can make a huge difference for your business. Let’s look at some reasons why a shopping center location can increase your customer base and help your business grow:

shopping center business real estate location

Foot Traffic

While advertising is an essential part of any business, foot traffic in a shopping center can be a great way to increase your visibility and in turn, lead to more business. No matter what type of business you have, you can get more customers simply by being in a high-traffic area. For retail stores and restaurants this is especially important. As customers frequent other establishments in the shopping center, they will gain awareness and interest in your business simply due to the fact that they walk by.

Ease of Access

Being located in a shopping center is a convenient way to make shopping easier for your customers. When people run errands, they often don’t want to have to drive all over town, so having a great location that is convenient and near other popular places of business will bring in more customers. Do you have a restaurant and are considering placement in a shopping center filled with retail locations? Leasing that space can be helpful in drawing in hungry shoppers who need to break for lunch, dinner, or even just a quick bite. Likewise, having your retail location next to a restaurant or other retail shops is a great way to gain some extra customers, simply because stopping in your store is easy and convenient.

Rent Savings

Depending on your current location, you could potentially save money by leasing a space in a shopping center. Oftentimes, freestanding stores cost business owners more money in utilities, while connected stores are more insulated. In addition, shopping center owners often provide building maintenance and landscaping services, which can make maintaining your space more cost-effective. Opening your business in a shopping center can allow you to utilize your rent savings for more inventory, new equipment, or advertising to drive even more traffic.

Work with the Carroll County Commercial Leasing Professionals

Shopping centers can be a great solution for business owners who want to drive more traffic into their small business in Carroll County, MD. Close proximity to other businesses increases your potential customers, gaining you more business in the long run. If you are in the market for a new retail space, reach out to us at Tomarchio Enterprises today!