Maryland is a state that has a lot of prime retail locations. It can be hard and confusing deciding on where you’d like to set up a shop. That’s why we’re here. Take a look at how you can find the right retail space in Maryland for your business. 

Who Are You Serving?

Maryland has a wide range of demographics so you have plenty of options on who you want to serve. Ultimately, who your business wants to serve, or your target market, will determine the best location for your retail space. 

Do you want to do business with city-dwelling, white-collar Millenials or are you looking to do business with blue-collar, suburban families? Identifying who you want to serve will help you determine the best place for retail space. 


How easy will it be for customers and suppliers to reach your retail space? Does the building have a place for trucks to drop off supplies if your business requires it? Can customers access your space easily on foot? Does the space have a parking lot for easy access? These are just some of the few questions you should ask to find the right accessible retail space.

Square Footage

How much square footage do you need? You can determine this by looking at other similar businesses with retail spaces and take that into consideration. Like most businesses, you’ll probably want to eventually grow so does the retail space have opportunities for more square footage?

Is it Located in a Shopping Center/ Plaza? 

When you take into consideration all of these things, it’s no wonder why business owners opt for retail spaces located in a shopping center or plaza. These types of spaces:

  •  Have foot traffic from a wide variety of demographics
  • Are easily accessible
  • Usually have spaces for businesses to grow

If you want a retail space that is sure to reach a lot of people, getting a Finksburg, MD retail space in a shopping center is your best bet.

Is it Owned by Tomarchio Enterprises?

If you’re looking for retail space in Finksburg, MD Tomarchio Enterprises has what you need. Our Finsburg Plaza location is a great place for businesses of all kinds to set up shop. With heavy foot traffic and easily accessible space, we’re sure you’ll love our retail space just as much as we do. We’re currently offering spaces from 800 square feet to 2,310 square feet. Regardless of the size of your business, our Finksburg Plaza location can fit its needs. Call or contact us today to learn more.