When you’re looking for a commercial space, you surely already have a lot to think about. You want to find a place where your business can truly grow and thrive, and you want to feel comfortable with the lease terms so that you can settle in comfortably to your new location. Let’s take a look at the most important things to consider when leasing a commercial property.

commercial lease

  1. Length of the Lease

    Your lease terms will establish the length of time you are legally allowed to occupy the commercial property. While residential properties have lease terms that are one year or month-to-month, commercial properties will often come with multi-year lease terms.

  2. Rent Payments

    The lease will also contain the lease amount, which can be a monthly or yearly rate. Make sure the dollar amount is what was agreed to by your leasing agent or landlord and yourself, and ensure you are happy with the payment schedule.

  3. Utilities

    Your commercial space will have electrical utilities and possibly water and sewer as well. Establish with your landlord or leasing agent the party that will be responsible for paying these bills and make sure it is outlined as discussed and in a clear manner in your leasing agreement.

  4. Tenant Rights & Responsibilities

    If your commercial property has outdoor space, be sure to discuss outdoor maintenance with your leasing agent. Understand who is responsible for lawn upkeep and snow removal, and know what to do when you have a maintenance issue or something breaks that needs repairing inside your commercial space.

  5. Insurance

    Make sure your leasing agreement outlines what is and what is not covered under the property owner’s insurance. Although the building itself might be covered in cases of damage, your office furniture, supplies, and equipment may not. The lease itself may state that you are required to obtain your own insurance and name you responsible for any accidents or necessary repairs.

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