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6 Questions to Ask About Your Commercial Lease

If you’re starting a new business, one of the most important jobs you have is to pick a commercial space that will suit your company best. Commercial leasing can be quite complicated, but here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself to ensure everything is in order when it comes time to finalize your lease. Do I fully understand my lease? The lease for your new commercial space might be long and intimidating, but you need to make time to read it thoroughly. Make sure you understand what all of the key terms mentioned [...]

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How Will Tax-Free Shopping Affect Your Business?

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means shoppers are already out and about looking for the best retail deals they can find. Many people on the east coast within states that are a reasonable driving distance from Delaware flock to the area frequently this time of year in order to take advantage of the tax-free shopping the state has to offer. The Disadvantage of Sales Tax It is around this time of year that people are making larger purchases than they have all year. During the months of November and December, shoppers are often [...]

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Reasons to Lease in Frederick, Maryland

Renting a place to house your business is a big decision. You need to know that the area you are setting up shop will support you not just in the short-term, but for a long time. Frederick, Maryland is a great place to engage in business, and today we're going to walk through a few of reasons why. The Chamber of Commerce in Frederick is a Great Resource If you're a small business in Frederick, you can apply to become part of the Frederick Chamber of Commerce. Walkersville, Maryland, where we currently have spaces available [...]

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The Advantages of Leasing in Seaford, DE

Seaford Village is an up and coming shopping center in Delaware offering lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to lease there. Whether you're a large company or you're just getting started, setting yourself up in Seaford Village may be the move you've been waiting for. Strong Anchor Businesses Have Your Back Part of what makes for a great shopping center is a strong anchor business. An anchor business is a store which attracts a large group of shoppers. These “anchors” tend to be of a broad appeal so they don't monopolize one shopping category or another. [...]

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What Makes Walkersville, MD an Ideal Leasing Spot?

Walkersville, Maryland is one of the up and coming places you could bring your business to. This town is located in the heart of Frederick County and boasts a population of 40,322 within a 5 mile radius. Walkersville is also home to many attractions and large employers including Fort Detrick, and Lonza. Let's take a look at what makes Walkersville, Maryland so great for your business. It's Close to the City of Frederick The City of Frederick is one of the largest cities in the state of Maryland, second only to Baltimore. Not only that, [...]

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Why is Category Exclusivity Important?

As a tenant, you must understand what it means to be exclusive in your industry within the surrounding area. A landlord owes you this exclusivity, and your rights are a necessity. Read on to learn more about this fascinating, vital subject. What is Category Exclusivity? Ultimately, it is the promise that a landlord will not rent out properties near your business to other businesses that sell similar goods or services. Let’s imagine a scenario. If you are looking for a place to rent for your grocery store, you’re probably looking for a large shopping center. [...]

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How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Store

Location is everything. Especially if you’re looking to make a profit in this economy. So before you set up shop, you need to know you’re in the perfect location for your new store. There’s plenty of competition, and the difference between success over your competitor and business failure could easily be where your business is located. In order to find the ideal location for your new retail store, read on to learn a few tips and tricks. Check Local Demographics Always check area demographics for your location. General household income, age, or type of family [...]

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Tips for Comparing Spaces for Lease in Maryland

Starting a business is tough, and finding the right place to put it can feel impossible. There is a lot to consider when you look at spaces for lease in Maryland whether you're setting up a brick & mortar shop or an office. Commercial leases are not like residential leases, and require a little more background knowledge before you can make an informed decision. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of spaces for lease in Maryland, read on to learn more about how you can compare them to one another. How Long Should You Rent? The [...]

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